Batman Gotham Knight animation

Overall I’m quite amazed of these 6 semi-related shorts joined as a movie, also first time watching BD (was on sale for a few bucks). Consistently backgrounds were quite detailed (much better than 1080p downloads/streams) & ost fit the dark atmosphere. Toon lines are sharp, but there’s constant grain, not sure if part of the noir feel or a transfer result. Production is a mix of Production I.G, Madhouse, Studio 4°C & Bee Train. Subtitles are amusingly helpful but voices are mostly clear.

_2_0_00_03_3500004_grunting Episodes (short thoughts with vague synopsis spoilers):

1: loved the dynamic animation, partly nostalgia to 4C’s Tekkon Kinkreet style. Reinterpreted pov batman versions felt creative, like what-if batman was brutal.
2: Setup a much jumbled exposition but no payoff. Noir mood well done tho. Fire looked awkward.
3: Involves two gang boats & had the most silly dialogue. “You broke him. u bought him.” “You killed me” lol u still alive no? Batman outfit very detailed & slick. Cool EM bullet blocking.
4: Action with lizard was very dynamic, with sewage atmosphere like Jin-Roh.
5: Bhusara/fakir Bhuddist enlightenment on pain had some thoughtful dialogue (more so than patlabor managed). Action also amazing. Action is mostly gritty & visceral like the other shorts, even minor actions could feel “painful”.
6: Designs were nice. Silly rushing Deadshot but their shootout train fight still classic.

Last 5min ED music compilation is quite good.


Android lockscreen wallpaper location, Netease & Batch convert

Sometimes the source of a lock screen wallpaper is lost. Some phones have a specific cache location and might be recoverable, even the pre-cropped version.

Some paths others found:

Use a filer explorer like X-plore, allow it root/superuser access, since some paths below require root:


wallpaper-#: has no suffix, but open as image. Is full (pre-crop) wallpaper.

wallpaperthumb-#: low res image not exist on my galaxy S5

Lockscreen_wallpaper.jpg: cropped image

Lockscreen_wallpaper_ripple.jpg: full image empty empty non image files

/data/system/users/<userid>/: default to <0>. Photo.png is user’s avatar in contacts. Wallpaper_info.xml defines current wallpaper source, which mine is the multipicture app.


Tripadvisor, Netease, radio apps etc show a temp lockscreen wallpaper sometimes with great art folks want to save. I didn’t find the image cached in any above paths. Screenshot is the only generic way (on galaxy s5 hold power+home buttons, and status bar & clock cannot be removed in my phone). Some custom ROMs can make a fully blank lockscreen but I’m used to stock rom. All lockscreen apps I tried require choosing a local wallpaper & couldn’t be temp replaced by above apps (pictures only appear with native lockscreen). Also after uninstalls & tinkering Multipicture stopped working with lockscreens, but Gallery app to set lockscreen suffices (may need to clear app cache if picture doesn’t update, or manually delete those pictures in above paths).

NetEase Cloud Music iconNetEase cloud music is a Chinese radio app. There’s tutorials online for English users, and the GUI is simple enough even without English. A lot of user comments in the app ask where to get those images, so here it is. It caches larger images in its folders & embeds album art in audio files (usually smaller at 300×300). Other apps might work similarly and appear without root, so using a pc’s easier. The 2 paths save full images larger than the cropped view from the lockscreen, some above 1k:



All format suffixes are missing. Though most image browsers detect file type and show them properly, it’s hard to organize with a mix of jpg, png, gif etc. To rename with correct metadata suffix, in XnView or similar, run Batch Convert on selected images (don’t use batch rename). Set an output folder. Set filename like {Modified Date [Y_m_d]}_{Filename}. Suffix will automatically be added.

Filenames are often gibberish, so using metadata like height, width, date, camera properties etc can help describe the image more.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy SM-G900i

Read instructions directly from the CF-Auto-Root author Chainfire. It’s short & applies to many phones. Be sure to read the warnings & know the risks.

Same instructions with pictures. Also includes AT&T & Verizon models:,review-2821-4.html

Small caveats for SMG900i. Download links in post #3 are specific to your S5 carrier/model. SM-G900L (Korea) may appear as “I” depending on font, and running this file results in the phone & Odin both showing error. SMG900I (Oceania) is the correct version, but the file is incorrect as warned by several Australians deep in the 100+ page thread.

Odin shows a green Passed! But my phone soft bricked with klte-kltedv, entering a well known boot loop with colorful text:

Set Warranty Bit: recovery

As described here:

Uncheck Auto-reboot didn’t help on retry, and neither did trying some fixes on youtube. But trying another file by first removing then inserting battery, & Volume down + Power +Home buttons to boot into Download Mode again is possible.

This file mentioned by poster Huyton worked on my S5 with Lollipop (5.0):

(S5 Marshmallow may need different instructions.)

Odin versions vary slightly. Add the CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltedd-smg900i.tar.md5 file to the PDA or AP button like this:


Ensure your phone is connected to Odin in Download Mode. Hit Start. Odin should show the green Passed under 2-3 minutes. Your phone will reach the “RECOVERY BOOTING…” (don’t panic yet), then more console text will run up & continue into normal reboot.

Auckland CPI

Had a short trip to Auckland, and made some cursory observations. Take with large crystals of salt. Comparisons not exhaustive, but may include cheapest/sale prices from New World, Countdown, & Asian groceries (yes Asian stores have American imports too, often with a better price). Numbers taken same week.



A&W root beer:
330ml: $0.99 A. $1.69 W
355ml: $1.4 A. $1.99 W
Auckland up to 40% cheaper.

Dr. Pepper 355ml:
$1.5 A
$1.99 W
Auckland 25% cheaper. Cherry Vanilla flavor in Auckland but not in Wellington. Original & cherry flavors in both cities.

Taiwanese Asamu milktea 400ml:
$0.99 A
$1.29 W. ($1.5 W new world)
Auckland 23% cheaper.

By rumor, in Auckland many backpackers dislike high prices in New World & recommend Countdown. In Wellington prices in order are generally Pak n Save, New World, Countdown, but best prices vary by product/sales.

Boring necessities like bread & rice are likely same priced. Though the Countdown $1 white bread loaf is usually emptied in Auckland central, while it’s ignored in Countdown Kilbirnie.

Energy/sports/coffee drinks are similar priced, though sales times vary, making a 10~17% difference.


Wellington buses typically $2-6, usually $5.50 for my uses. Areas are sparse & farther, maybe 30-50% farther than my Auckland travels. But it always seemed way overpriced. There are stops where only 500m farther will cost +$2 due to crossing zones. Snapper discount around 20%, some 25%.
Auckland buses were usually $1-2.5, since I stayed in semi-suburbs near highways. Most tourist spots aren’t too far from central. AT HOP card discount 20%, some 32%.
Card: Using the same thin wallet. Snapper card padded with paper from other contact cards is sufficient to tag fine. HOP card however is terrible. It required multiple tagging (without changing position) and at worse requires isolating the card. Many other passengers also faced this issue. Inconsistency occurs, at times it gives the approved sound, but simultaneously shows “please try again” text. Wellington bus tagging is more consistent with the sound, and a voice will play whatever text is displayed.





Gundam Breaker 2 First Impressions

Apparently the blog lay dormant for two years. Except work NDA, I should allow myself to write anything else.

Gundam Breaker 2 was released 2014/12/18 on ps3/VITA, with JP/CH choices. Took awhile to ship the Chinese version (Asia version on to far away New Zealand. Chinese includes Japanese voice and optional subtitles in Taiwanese or Hong Kong formats. Voice acting and translations are fairly well done.

I’ve checked PSN from several countries, and there’s more description on the JP PSN:

The AI comrades are voiced by Hikasa Yoko as Leia and Katsuyuki Konichi as Kalevi. Both are quite senior seiyuus and do a good job. Since gameplay is fast paced, short small talk ends up repetitive. Dialog bubbles appear from their mech during fights and is a bit amusing tho hard to read as the bubbles flys along them. If you bump or shoot them they’ll say “mech is damaged!”. It would be nice to vary dialog so they grow angry at the noob pilot who friendly fires. But it’s a mech game, so don’t expect Last of Us (which I finished before this). Abe Atsushi as Shouma appears later (I just started GB2). Since he’s famed for Kamijou Touma he may be an important character, right fist included.

Coupons: I played for awhile (most time spent on tweaking metallic/specular shaders for each mech part), but didn’t try them on NZ PSN. Gamefaq suggests Asia or JP region PSN’s to get future DLC’s. So I created a Taiwan PSN (same as HK, you can choose English during signup on the website, and use any address). Judging how GB1 had many DLC’s (in TW but not NZ PSN), I made the switch and replayed some missions and re-tweaked each shader again. It’s my first gundam game and I’m fairly new to the franchise so it didn’t feel too repetitive.
There are 2 codes. Enter at bottom of PSN store in ps3. Go to the GB2 hangar, choose the right-most booth (gundam online store). Gift tab shows the coupon items. Download each one. Now they’re available in the mech part lists. Most parts are high level so unusable before playing more, but a few available are very high specced. A few upgrades make initial missions overly easy, so I am putting the off till later.

Difficulty: each mission shows a difficulty bar. But I couldn’t find any difficulty setting, so the parts you use may have a drastic effect on challenge. The Challenge Mode (square button to Gundam Cafe) is notably harder: 5-10 minutes of fighting swarms of gundams where each takes significantly longer to defeat. I started dying 1-2 times a minute, since they easily swarm you and during the chaos your combat parts may get severed. It’s quite amusing since it takes awhile in the chaotic scene to notice button mashing is not attacking because your arm is on the far end of the table. Find your arm/hand/shield etc and hold R1 to absorb it back.

Healing: R1+triangle heals all friendlies, with ~1x seconds cooldown. Up arrow has a heal tool (20 uses per mission), but couldn’t figure how to use it yet. Friendlies have no lifebars though.

Story & Screencaps: tutorial mission, story/dialogs I briefly translated. Exposition is on the JP website, and I can’t quite read Japanese. (bad translation follows…) “It does stress GB1 didn’t have story, and GB2 they emphasize a story & world. In year 2024, there’s a Gundam World First event opening, and an attraction called Gundam Battle Simulator 2.0 (also mentioned in game). The story is an epic about the Earthling Army & Colonial Allies (whatever matches the gundam factions).”